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Mopti, perfect starting point

According to travellers, Mopti is the perfect base camp for exploring Mali. The city offers an International Airport (Mopti-Sévaré, a few miles away) but, most important, its location is close to many attractions : Dogon Country, Djenné and the Gourma region. Most of the tours starts or go through Mopti.

Venice of Mali

But Mopti also deserve a visit for itself. Built at the confluence of the Niger River and the Bani (a tributary of the Niger), Mopti gets surrounded by water, especially after the rainy season (end of the summer). This geographical specificity has earned Mopti the nickname of “Venice of Mali”. In fact, the best way to explore the city and its surroundings is by taking a little cruise on the Niger River. Boarding and travelling in a pinnace (flat bottomed boat) is an attraction not to be missed. There is also a huge and passionate fishing port, the Komoguel mosque (said to be little sister of the Djenné mosque), the crafts market and the old city.

Colorful Markets

For the Malians, Mopti is a true economical powerhouse. The business is extremely dense and the city’s great port hosts an incessant comings and goings of huge pinacces coming from the North and the South. Indeed, the city markets are particularly lively. Salt plates from Timbuktu, Niger fish (don’t miss the delightful Captain), crafts, home appliances, and so on… There’s a long list of surprises that await you in Mopti.

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