Day 1: : Arrive in Lome ; meet, assist and transfer to beachfront Hotel Novela Star

Day 2: Lome-Kpalime

After breakfast, embark on a city tour of Lome visiting Togo-Ghana border, a living legacy of WWI, Independence Square to embrace the role Togo women played in the liberation movement from France, national museum, the artisans’ village, Art Street and Grand marché at the realm of the famous Nana Benz. Visit the fetish market; traditional drug store for the locals. Lunch at a local restaurant and proceed to Kpalime in the Plateau Region of Togo. En route, visit typical Ewe villages, rural schools and markets. Arrive in Kpalime; check-in at Hotel Cristal or similar. In the evening, Akpesse folkdance in a village in the real Ewe traditions. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Kpalime and surroundings-Notse

After breakfast, visit Kpalime cathedral dating from the colonial period and proceed through Missahoe lush forest for Kouma Konda, on top of Mount Kloto; a real butterfly haven. On arrival, visit village and embark on an instructive trek in the surrounding woods learning about the virtues of some of the plants. Return to Kpalime; visit the profilic Kloto craft center famed for woodcarving. Lunch at a local restaurant and proceed to Notse, the historical capital city of the Ewe people, also an important pineapple producing area. On arrival, visit the fruit market and check-in at Hotel Le Berceau. Dinner an overnight.

Day 4: Notse-Bolou-Tsevie-Agbodrafo

After breakfast, drive to Bolou potters’ village near Tsevie. Lunch in Tsevie and proceed through the valley of the Sio River for Lebe. Stroll down to the river and cross in a dugout canoe for Dzevego village from where the tour continues to Agbodrafo, a former slave trade post on Togolese coasts. Visit wood Home slave dungeons and Kpeme fishing village. Check-in at Hotel Le Lac on the banks of the Togo Lake. Dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Agbodrafo-Togoville-Glidji-Grand Popo

After breakfast, cross the lake for the historical village of Togoville. On arrival, meet Prince Plakoo Mlapa whose ancestor signed the treaty of protectorate with the Germans in 1884. Visit the village cathedral that welcomed Pope John Paul II in 1985. Return to Agbodrafo and continue to Glidji, the spiritual centre to the Guin people via Aneho, the first capital city of Togo. At Glidji, meet priests of the sacred forest and learn about some of the voodoo deities. Lunch in Aneho and cross into Benin at Hilla Condji. Drive to Grand Popo; check-in at Auberge de Grand Popo or similar. In the afternoon, boat ride on the Mono waterways for the Bouche du Roy, the estuary in the Atlantic sea and witness the ritual dance of the Zangbeto, the night guardians in a village nearby. Dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Grand Popo-Ouidah-Ganvie-Abomey

After breakfast, drive to Ouidah, the voodoo capital city of Benin. On arrival, courtesy to Dagbo Hounon, the head of this belief in Benin then visit Kpasse sacred forest. The tour continues at Kpasse sacred forest; visit the museum of History; a former Portuguese slave fort and experience the slave route till the Door of no return. Lunch at a beach restaurant and drive to Abomey-Calavi. Cruise the Nokoue Lake for GAnvie, the biggest stilt village in Africa, home to over 33,000 Tofinu people. At Ganvie, go the Lovers’ Lane through the floating market and stop at a typical Ganvie souvenir shop. Back to Abomey Calavi and continue to Abomey, centre to the famous Dahomey kingdom. Check-in at Sun City Hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Abomey-Savalou-Djougou-Natitingou

After breakfast, visit the historic museum, former palaces of Dahomey kings featuring the throne room, the arm room, the administrative bocks of king Glele and king Gezo, the sepulcher of king Glele and the common grave of his wives, numerous shrines and palace artisans and proceed to Savalou. Lunch at a local restaurant. Visit the shrine of the famous Dankoli voodoo deity and proceed to Natitngou in the Northern Region. Check in at Hotel Tata Somba or similar. Dinner and overnight.

Day 8: Natitingou-Pendjari-Natitingou

Early departure from Natitingou after breakfast for Pendjari park habitat to lions, duikers, monkeys, hippos, buffaloes, warthogs, crocodiles, elephants. Lunch at the park’s lodge and continue viewing wildlife till exiting the park at Batia. Return to Natitingou. Dinner and overnight.

Day 9: Natitngou-Somba-Koutammakou-Dapaong

Breakfast and drive west through the land of the Somba with their fortified habitat, the Tata. Cross into Togo at Boukoumbé border post and explore Koutammakou, the land of the Tamberma; a World Heritage Site with their adobe castles spread in the fields and drive to Dapaong, home to the Moba people living in round mud huts. Check in at Hotel Le Campement or similar. Dinner and overnight.

Day 10: Dapaong-Cinkasse-Laongo-Ouagadougou

Depart Dapaong after breakfast and drive in Burkina Faso crossing at Sinkasse and proceed to Laongho, an open air museum with granite carved figurines, realized by artists from all over the world. After lunch at a local restaurant, drive to Ouagadougou. Check in at Hotel Azalai Independence. Dinner in town. Overnight.

Day 11: Ouagadougou-Manega-Ouagadougou

After breakfast, drive to Manega to visit the rich museum showcasing civilizations from most part of the continent. Return to Ouagadougou; after lunch at a local restaurant, visit of the craft center where one can browse pieces from all over the country. Dinner at restaurant in town, overnight.

Day 12: Ouagadougou-Tiebele-Ouagadougou

After breakfast, embark on a scenic drive passing typical villages to Tiebele, center to the Kassena civilization with impressive wall paintings and architecture. On arrival, visit village and the royal palace whose visit will generate some income for the women of the village who maintain the palace. Lunch at Pô and road to Ouagadougou; visit Wedbila conservation park where wild animals are kept to prevent them from total extinction. Return to Ouagadougou in the late afternoon. Dinner at hotel. Overnight.

Day 13: Ouagadougou-Bazoule-Ouagadougou

After breakfast, proceed to Bazoule. On arrival, visit the sacred crocodile pond and the surrounding market gardens. Courtesy the village chief before returning to Ouagadougou. Lunch at an onsite. Return to Ouagadougou; continue to explore the capital city visiting the central market, brass makers, and the museum of music. Dinner in town with a live band playing. Overnight

Day 14: Ouagadougou-Depart

AM: Free at leisure
PM: Transfer to airport for departure
End of tour