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Authenticity, undeniable richness of its cultures and traditions: the Dogon Country is the pride of Mali. It will also be one of the most exciting moments of your tour.

On the Unesco’s World heritage list

Dogon villages are built at the foot of the Bandiagara cliff. The best way to reach them is to walk about an hour on the high plateau of Bandiagara and then descend to meet this unique ethnic group. Outside Mali you won’t find any Dogon village anywhere else. No surprise then to see the Dogon country in the World Heritage list of the UNESCO.

Trekking on the Bandiagara cliff

The gray rock, the scenery and atmosphere make this walk a very special moment. Everyone can enjoy it: the path is easy, pleasant and not so long (approx. 1h30). For those who wish, we can also drive around the cliff and reach the village with our vehicles without walking through the plateau.


Once there, you’ll discover the Dogons, their traditional crafts (the Dogon carved doors) and unique architecture (the millet granaries in particular). Above all, you’ll discover their famous masks. Through spectacular dances that depict the Cosmogony, a representation of the world according to the Dogons, the masks will tell you the creation and the organization of the universe.

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