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A Sudanese proverb says: “Salt comes from the North, gold from the South. Money from the land of white people. But the tales and beautiful stories come from Timbuktu. ”

Glorious past

Mythical city among the mythical cities in the world, Timbuktu owes its incredible aura to its past as the trade and religious capital of Sahara. Back in the mid-fourteenth century, the city had over 100,000 inhabitants: scholars, intellectuals and merchants from all over the world.

“Mysterious city,” “Black Pearl of the Desert,” “Athens of Africa”, “Mecca of the Sahara,” “Rome Sudanese” … Explorers and travelers have never had enough names to describe a city actually listed on the world heritage list by UNESCO.

Meet the desert

But Timbuktu is also a unique architectural style. The ornamentation of doors and windows of the city is particularly refined.
In Timbuktu, you are at the end of the world, close to the desert. The perfect place for a camel ride in the Sahara, to meet the Tuareg people, the mysterious “blue men” …

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